• Remote telemedicine appointments are only available to current clients who have been seen within 1 year.  An initial in-person consultation is required to establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).  In very rare cases, a consultation may be an option if we are working directly with your veterinarian.

  • These appointments will be recommended at the discretion of the veterinarian and available on a limited basis at specific times and on specific days. 

  • Telemedicine appointments can be used for some of the follow-up appointments including rechecks and nurse visits. 

  • Internet connection and video/camera (e.g., iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android, etc.) access is required.

  • The appointments would be conducted in real time.

  • The fee schedule is outlined below.  Payment is made online.  Care Credit is not excepted for this service.  Submission of insurance forms is the responsibility of the owner.  If a signature is required, the form can be e-mailed or mailed and the signed form would be sent back to the owner, not the insurance company.

  • Discharge instructions will be sent electronically to you after the meeting within 24-48 hours.  These instructions will also be imported into the clinic computerized record system.  Finally, a copy will be sent to your primary care veterinarian within 3 business days.

  • Necessary refills will be available and approved directly through our online pharmacy or dispensed at one of our clinics (pick-up or ship).  Or, prescriptions will be provided to purchase from your veterinarian or elsewhere.  We DO NOT deal directly with online pharmacies but we will be very happy to work with your veterinarian.

  Fee Schedule:

(There will be a 3% processing fee added to the base charge.)

Recheck or Consultation (Dr. Spiegel or Dr. Zebley)

The charges will be as follows:

Recheck Real-time Scheduled Video Appointment:$149

 (up to 25 minutes; each additional 5 minutes $10)

Consultation Video Real-time Scheduled Video Appointment: $189
 (up to 25 minutes; each additional 5 minutes $10)

Update Live Chat/Messaging Scheduled Appointment (no video): $49 

(A set date for the update will be scheduled and answered between 10:00am-8:30pm)

Brief Update/Response (only limited messaging/response to e-mail inquiry): $29

(Responses to questions to be addressed by the doctor.  Recommendations will be made regarding a treatment plan.  This will take up to 3 business days to respond, whereas traditional e-mails may take up to 5-7 business days to respond.  If this is an urgent concern, please seek veterinary care/call the veterinary hospital.)


The charges will be as follows:

Real-time Video Scheduled Appointment: $69
 (up to 25 minutes; each additional 5 minutes $10)


Ian Brett Spiegel VMD, MHS,DACVD 

Samantha Zebley DVM, ACVD- Resident

​Nathalie hayot DVM, Dermatology Intern 

Clinic:  Veterinary Dermatology and Allergy

Prepayment Policy

Consultations and Rechecks: $275 and $225 deposit.

Procedure Deposits: $350 to $500 deposit.

Deposit is applied to the appointment invoice.

Deposit will be obtained when scheduling or at least 5 days before the appointment.

Failure to cancel 48 hours in advanced will, result in this being non-refundable.