Prepayment Policy

Consultations and Rechecks: $275 and $225 deposit.

Procedure Deposits: $350 to $500 deposit.

Deposit is applied to the appointment invoice.

Deposit will be obtained when scheduling or at least 5 days before the appointment.

Failure to cancel 48 hours in advanced will, result in this being non-refundable.

Helpful Links to Video Demonstrations:

Ian Brett Spiegel VMD, MHS,DACVD 

Samantha Zebley DVM, ACVD- Resident

​Nathalie hayot DVM, Dermatology Intern 


Steps for use of the allergens:

1.             Please keep all allergen vials REFRIGERATED (35 – 45 degrees F).  It is best to store the glass vials in a plastic contained.

2.             When giving your pet an allergen extract injection, it may be best to have someone else hold and/or distract the pet while you administer the injection. Petting the pet on the head or chin, distracting with a treat or toy, may help focus the pet’s attention away from the injection.

3.             The needle size used is very thin, and the injection should be almost painless.

4.             Use an individual syringe and needle for each injection.

5.             Gently roll the glass vial between the palms of your hands. DO NOT SHAKE the allergen extract as this may cause air bubbles, and it will be difficult to get an accurate measurement when you draw-up the desired amount.

6.             Wipe the top of the vial (rubber cap) with a very small amount of alcohol prior to each use.








7.             Use a 1.0 ml sterile tuberculin syringe (unless directed otherwise) with 3/8 to ½ inch 25 – 27 gauge needle.

8.             Remove the needle cap from the syringe and draw the correct volume up as directed and double check this prior to administration of the allergen serum.  It may help to flick the syringe lightly with your finger to have the syringe fill to the exact amount desired.  At no time will you be administering more than 1.0 cc (same as 1.0 ml) at any given time unless otherwise instructed (i.e., two vials, give as directed).


9.             If you are right-handed, hold the syringe in your right hand. With your left hand, pick up fold of skin along your dog's back or shoulders.  If you are left-handed then the instructions are vice versa.

10.          You will give this subcutaneously (under the skin and before the muscle). 


11.          Push the needle gently through the skin at a 45º angle.  Try not to push the needle through the entire fold of skin and out the other side (this can easily happen).  If you accidentally poke your finger, wash your finger well with soap and water.  If there was a significant amount injected, any pain or swelling, seek medical attention. 

12.          Pull back just slightly on the syringe plunger to be sure the needle is not in a blood vessel (if it is, you will see the syringe fill with blood), and then administer the allergen extract by simply advancing the plunger with your thumb.

13.          Withdraw the needle from the pet’s skin, and carefully replace the needle cap.

14.          Reward your pet by giving lots of attention and a treat. 

15.          Record the date of the allergen extract injection on the designated log provided to you.  

16.          Place the whole syringe and needle in a puncture-resistant container (i.e., 2 liter soda bottle) or you may purchase one from a medical supply store or drug store.  Save the container and bring this to a future visit to the veterinary hospital at your next visit with dermatology.  We will dispose of this at no charge (usually there will be a fee otherwise).If you have any questions concerning the immunotherapy injection schedule, your pet’s treatment or condition, please contact the Dermatology & Allergy Service.